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About Jon

Jon is the Director of Instruction and Master Instructor at the Jim McLean Golf School at Miami Beach.  He has worked for and been trained by 3 of Golf Digests’ Top 50 Instructors including #3 Instructor Jim McLean and has worked directly with 7 of Golf Digest's Best Young Teachers. He has devoted his career to understanding the golf swing and has assisted with instruction of PGA Tour and LPGA Tour Players. He also has extensive experience with the following:


  • TrackMan

  • FlightScope

  • BodiTrak

  • TPI Fitness

  • Gears 3D Motion Capture System

  • Golf BioDynamics 3D Motion Capture System

  • Qualisys 3D Motion Capture System

  • V1 Video Analysis Software

  • JC Video Analysis Software

Non Cookie-Cutter Approach

Embrace uniqueness to

              enhance performance.



From beginners to high level players, click here to view a full list of lesson options.


Get In Touch

2301 Alton Road, Miami Beach, Florida 33140


Phone: 305-532-3350 ext. 3


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